LED Strip Lighting Review Posted

LED Strip Lighting is reviewed.
As with all of my reviews, this is a real-world, real-use review.
See what I like about it, see what I don’t.
I’ve also started the installation blog associated with this LED Strip Lighting.

LED Strip Lighting Reel

LED Strip Lighting Reel

Click Here For LED Strip Lighting Review

LED light strip test

LED Light Strip Installation

Click Here For My Camper RV LED Strip Lighting Installation

Check Out FlexFire LEDs

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What’s New June 14, 2014

Hello everyone! I think it’s high time to let you know what’s new, what’s old, and what’s to come!

The camper van mods are old news. I’ll still try to get those mods written and uploaded tho. But the van modes will be discontinued for the most part because I bought a 32′ 2010 Keystone Outback that has a front cargo carrier. This travel trailer (TT) will be IDEAL for photo and prospecting ventures! There are many pluses to the TT, and it should prove to be a very wise investment. I’m in the process of doing some mods to the RV (of COURSE!) and I’ll be writing about those. One in particular is to provide LED lighting in the cargo area, where I have fabricated a map board. There’s a company working with me on this. The cargo bay will be my “operations room” ;).

I’ve bought a 14X70 mobile home. This provides a “base” for myself and my business, and needless to say, the security of a roof over my head :). I have a home office, and an 8X16 powered shed with security system for my prospecting work.

I’ve been acquiring equipment and gear as finances permit. I’ve upgraded my cell phone to an HTC One M8. This gives me a faster processor and some great apps for you to better follow me while I’m on the road and while in the field. I have a Keene 52A river sluice on the way, as well as a MaxBoost battery pack that is en-route to me for review. I’ll be fabricating an 8 foot long high banker as time and money permits. I’ve acquired a GoPro Hero camera, and that will bring you some outstanding video compositions, including time-lapse and some very wonderful under water footage.

The fact that I’m no longer single is new :). I have a terrific woman in my life who shares the same passion for adventure as I do, and who will be a great partner towards accomplishing the goals that have been set. It will be nice to share my dreams and adventures with a significant other.

With the deletion of old plans, NEW plans come into existence. However the main goal still remains the same… to present to my readers fantastic photo compositions, video and photojournalist adventures, and to provide honest reviews of the products and services I’ve tried and some that I still use. An additional goal which I’ve made is the eventual production and creation of a photo book and DVD documentary. The title and content is still secret, but I can assure you that it will be a great read and view!

Speaking of reviews, there are MANY upcoming reviews that I will be writing. Here are a few:

** HTC One M8 (the “new” 2014 HTC One)

** MaxBoost 15,000 mAh (yes, 15_K_ mAh!) battery pack

** GoPro Hero3 and various accessories

** Keene 52A river sluice

** Hot Spot Crystal Clear Tempered Glass Ultra Thin Premium Drop-proof Screen Protector

** Brightech EnergyXtreme Waterproof and Shockproof 5200mAh Portable Battery Charger with Laser Pointer and Flashlight

** SUPCASE HTC One M8 Protective Case (Frost Clear/Blue)

** PortaPower USB Power Monitor/Multimeter/DC Ammeter

** Anker 40W 5-Port USB Charger with PowerIQ Technology

** Hyperion HTC M8 Phone Case

** Dorcy Floating Waterproof LED Flashlight with Carabineer Clip

** Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Waterproof Case with IPX8 Certification

Plus past equipment and gear reviews which are still pending.

Next year, 2015, the goal is to be in the Wyoming and Colorado Rocky Mountains. Between now and then, I’ll be acquiring and testing and reviewing the gear and equipment that we’ll be needing, doing some mods on the RV for practicality and functionality, and researching and planning, researching and planning, AND MORE researching and planning! :). The best research and the best plans assure the greatest potential for success, and I don’t intend to fail ;). Be sure to continue along with me. The best is yet to come!

Chapter One: The Beginning

I’ve decided to put my blog into chapters. Chapter one talks about my first van and using it for camping, and also of my latest van, which I’ve modified (and am still modifying) into a camper van. My travel stories and travel pictures will be intertwined around and within my chapters. Click Here to begin your adventure!