Camper-RV Upgrades-Modifications

Camper-RV upgrades-modifications, with
photos, of the RV-camper “mods”-upgrades I’ve done.

See my solutions to my different needs.

Camper-RV upgrades-modifications Keystone photo

camper-RV that I’m working on with upgrades-modifications

First it was my van. Now it’s my 2010 Keystone Outback travel
trailer. Or RV. Or camper. Whatever terminology works for you.

I have a habit, whether that be good or bad :),
of upgrading/modifying things to fit my needs.

Mouse over the “Camper-RV Upgrades-Modifications” tab at the
top of this page and you’ll see a link to a particular project’s mod or upgrade.
Camper-RV upgrades-modifications will be continuously added.

I hope that my camper-RV modifications-upgrades are informative for you.
erhaps there’s a project you’d like to try to do too.

So far my camper-RV upgrades-modifications have consisted of the following:

  • Fabrication of a map board
  • Installation of LED strip lighting
  • Volt meter installation
  • Interior speaker upgrade
  • External speaker upgrade
  • LED lighting upgrade installation
  • An HD antenna upgrade
  • And Over The Air (OTA) TV signal meter/booster upgrade

I have plans for an under carriage cargo space, the
installation of a 39″ flat screen TV, & replacing ALL
incandescent exterior bulbs with LED bulbs.
And, I’m sure, there will be more projects as time goes on :).
So check back often!

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