Alaskan Trip Summary

I am home now, but my travels through Canada and Alaska and back was a truly awesome experience. I met a lot of fantastic people, saw snow-capped mountains, traveled down mountain switchbacks and snow packed passes, panned for gold one claim over from where the Yukon Gold Rush began in Dawson City, Yukon, and camped and sluiced for gold on the edge of Denali National Park. I saw a multitude of wildlife such as forest bison, black bear, grizzly bear, mountain goats, elk, moose, fox, and some critter that may had been a ground squirrel, but I’m not sure.

I traveled in some VERY desolate county, had truck trouble in Fargo, ND, had the same trouble in Malta, MT because the problem was fixed right in Fargo, but from Montana on, the tuck and travel trailer (and I) survived. It’s a wonder they made it up there actually, let alone getting back home! I was down some hellish roads. I left the camper in a secure storage lot north of Anchorage as I’ll be heading back up to prospect and mine in 2017.

I have a lot of photos and videos that I will try to get online as soon as I can. At the moment tho I’m working full time, getting overtime, working on a new used Alaskan Camper that I recently acquired, and preparing to have my truck checked out due to a careless UNINSURED driver backing into me at AutoZone. But I’ll do my best to put my experience in writing, and with photos and videos, as soon as possible. So stay tuned and check back often!