Camper RV LED Strip Lighting Install pg2

Camper RV LED Strip Lighting Install

LED strip light install in a 2010 Keystone
Outback Travel Trailer Camper RV, Page 2

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The LED light strip and connectors arrived in good time, and well packaged.

LED strip light arrival

Arrived in an anti-static envelope, bubble wrap, within a padded envelope.

LED strip light LED solderless connectors

Solderless connectors


Peeling the tape off of the sticky adhesive.

LED light strip installation

Applying the LED light strip. I used a 1×4 as a guide to keep the strip straight.

LED light strip test

I cut the LED light strip on the correct mark, made sure the adhesive was holding tightly, and tested the light strip. I had open wires and was VERY careful not to short them. This is NOT the proper way to test ;).

Camper-RV cabinet

The cabinet inside which I  ran the LED strip light wiring, and onto which I installed the toggle switch.

Hole in RV cabinet

Hole drilled for routing the wiring into the cabinet.

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