Camper RV LED Strip Lighting Install pg3

Camper RV LED Strip Lighting Installation

LED strip light installation in a 2010
Keystone Outback Travel Trailer Camper RV, Page 3

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Are marked for chiselingThe wall divider in the above pic is a double wall, and
there is a space between one side and the other.
This provided an ideal area for a 12 volt automotive toggle switch.
In the picture below you can see where I marked
out the spot to be chiseled out for the toggle switch.

Hole drilled for strip lighting wiringToggle switch in place for strip lightingAbove you can see where I drilled for the wiring to go through the wall.
Rectangle opened up for the toggle switch,
and toggle switch temporarily set in place.
To make the hole, I used a Dremel with a cutting disc. Great little tool :).

Accessing power to tap intoAbove you can see where I took out the 7″ stereo speaker so that I’d
have some room to run the wiring for 12 volt power for the strip lighting.

12 volt power wiringI lucked out, because there was a constant 12 volt power supply running right across.

Constant 12 volt power supplyI tapped into the constant 12 volt power supply and taped the connections real well.

Strip lighting connected to 12 volt DC powerI connected the wiring from the constant 12 volt DC power supply and the
light strip to the toggle switch, and so this part of the project was completed.

Camper RV Strip Light InstallationAbove is a pic of the toggle switch installed.

Continue on for the next and final phase of this
camper-RV LED strip lighting installation project.

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