UDAP Super Magnum Bear Spray

Ok folks.
Here’s a product I hope I’ll NEVER have to use.
But if a bear (or ANY animal) wants to do me
harm or make a meal out of me I’m prepared!
I have two cans of this stuff.

I bought this because I’d rather
deter an attack than kill the animal.
It contains 13.4 oz (more that others),
it has 2% CRC, a 35 foot range, and it was
developed by an actual bear attack survivor!

I don’t much like the holster is comes
with, but I can live with that. Literally.

Here’s the product description:

Hottest bear spray available at 2% CRC

Developed by a bear attack survivor

High volume spray when you need it most. 35 foot range.

A must have for grizzly country.

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