Review Of The Yamaha EF 2000 IS 2000 Watt Generator

Yamaha EF 2000 IS 2000 W Generator Review
REAL-world REAL-use Generator Review
of the Yamaha EF 2000 IS 2000 Watt Generator

Yamaha EF 2000 IS 2000 Watt Generator

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(UPDATED 3-15-16)
Concerned about power outages? Concerned about the cost of fuel and the noise associated with running a generator? Would you like the security of a portable power supply that’s ready to go when you need it? If you answered yes to any of these questions then the Yamaha EF 2000 IS 2000 Watt Generator may just be what you need.

There are a few items that I just absolutely can not go without while on my excursions, and a generator is one of them. My excursions have taken me to many locations throughout Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, lower Michigan, Wisconsin, and the mountains and plains of the west. Many of those locations were remote, with no electricity.

I used this Yamaha EF 2000 IS Generator as my only source of electricity for 2 and a half months while living off the land. It would run up to 16 hrs a day for 3 to 4 days a week, and up to 24 hrs a day for 4 to 3 days a week. I had no problem at all running a 42” LED TV, an 800 watt microwave, an ARB 50 Qt Fridge-Freezer (see my review on this cooler), a 900 watt electric heater, 3 exterior “porch” lights, my desktop computer, my laptop computer, a 23 watt lamp, my TV signal booster, a double window fan (and at time also a floor box fan), chargers for my DSL camera batteries, and rechargeable batteries for other items.

I’d run the heater and microwave separately, but most of the other items would still be on the circuit. No problem. I’ve also run, separately, a circular saw, a jig saw, a drill, and a diesel/kerosene “torpedo” heater off of this generator. Again, no problems. Many of the above mentioned items can be damaged by an improper electrical supply. The Yamaha EF 2000 produces true sine wave electricity, so I have no worry about damaging my expensive equipment and gear.

This generator has withstood rough washboard roads for miles and hours. I’ve used this Yamaha EF 2000 IS 2000 W Generator while at a rest area/park to run my microwave for hot water for coffee and to warm up a meal. I’ve used it in elevations up to 7,500 feet above sea level. Although it ran rough due to a lower oxygen supply… coming close to quitting at times… it continued to run and supply my electrical needs.

The Yamaha EF 2000 IS is very economical to run. I can run my usual electrical items and use my microwave a few times, and a tank (1.1 gallons) of gas lasts me about 12 hours. I’d fill up just before bed and use my heater over night, and a tank would last me around 9 hours.

The main thing for me is that it safely supplies my electrical needs while out in the field or on the road, using the generator outside of course! And after what I’ve put it through, I have no question about its durability. I like how quiet it is… 51.5 dBA at 1/4 load. I can have a regular conversation with someone while we’re near the generator. I like that it has a very low vibration level. And I like that it has a USFS-approved spark arrestor… I was able to use the Yamaha EF 2000 when fire restrictions were in force.

I like how good it is on fuel and how it runs according to the demand placed on it… rev’ing up when a high load is needed (a microwave or a saw for example), and running slower when less electricity is needed. I like that I can connect TWO of these generators and double my power output if I need more power. I like that it produces true sine wave electricity, such as the electricity that comes in on the grid from the electric company. I like that it’s not too heavy, only 44 pounds. I like that it has a 2 year warranty, although the Yamaha website says it has a 3 year warranty.

About the only thing I don’t like is the oil fill area. It’s not a deal breaker, just be sure to pre-measure your oil before adding to the generator after an oil change. I put in a little less than what’s required, let it settle, and then check it with the dip stick. If I need more, I just add a little bit at a time until it’s full.

Be sure to do regular maintenance, such as frequent oil changes. The manual explains how. Use good gasoline; Personally, I use premium, and I try to get it without any alcohol added.

Here are some specs from the Yamaha website:

Maximum AC Output: 2000 watts
Rated AC Output: 1600 watts
Rated/Maximum AC Current: 13.3/16.7 amps @ 120V
Engine: OHV, air-cooled, single cylinder, 4-stroke
Displacement: 79cc
Overall Length: 19.3 in
Overall Width: 11.0 in
Overall Height: 17.9 in
Dry Weight: 44.1 lb
Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.1 gallons
Continuous Operation at 1/4 Rated Load: 10.5 hrs
Noise Level: 51.5 – 61 DB

Would I recommend the Yamaha EF 2000 IS 2000 W Generator to a friend? Absolutely. Would I buy another Yamaha EF 2000? Most definitely. I’m looking to buy another one actually in case I want more power for an upcoming prospecting/photography trip to Arizona and Colorado.

This generator would be useful for camping, natural or man made disasters, or as a handy source of electricity while traveling. I don’t think you’ll regret purchasing this generator at all, or any Yamaha generator for that matter.
I sure haven’t.

Another choice of mine would be this model…

Buy it! And let me know how you like it!

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